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Heels over Head: Get Your Headstand. February 2021

We will prepare our body with muscle work and stretches for the headstand practice. Before learning the alignment basics and how to get into headstand. We will also look at the mental blockages we might have and overcome the fear of going upside down. I am including a restorative flow in order to recover from all the hard work we will be doing. If you've always dreamed of going into headstand but either lack of technique or fear held you back this is the program for you.


Courses are designed to help you achieve a specific goal. Step by step.
Whether you want to master headstand, gain more flexibility in your hips, learn the splits or take a 30 day Yoga challenge. There is a suitable course for you. That way you can just roll out your mat, get started and advance in your Yoga journey. Efficiently and effectively.


Let's practice together. Live! Once a month we celebrate a live class together. Tune in with Yogis from around the globe to keep your practice fresh and motivating. You can suggest and vote for themes and styles of the live class. Sometimes we will do a Q&A session or workshop. Always new, always fun.

Join The Community

Connect with other lovely Yogis from around the world to inspire and support each other and to grow together. Being part of the private, dedicated community will help you focus on your yoga practice and connect without the distraction of social media.
It is my mission to create an inclusive space that welcomes a beautiful diversity and ensures that all my raising Yogis never feel lost or without support.

What you get

Sounds great! But is this for me? 

Hey, nice to meet you!

I am Stefanie, a Yoga Alliance certified and registered Yoga teacher currently living in Barcelona, originally from Switzerland.

Some years ago I found Yoga as a balance to my daily work behind the screen. Everyday that begins on the mat is a good day. I feel lighter, more balanced and am a better version of myself. 

As a yoga teacher I want to share this feeling with you. I combine the creative mind of a graphic designer with a heart for Yoga and specialise in creating dynamic and strong Vinyasa Yoga flows.

 I rebel against the 'You can't sit with us' and 'if you have to cry, go outside' mentality. It has become my mission to create an inclusive community that welcomes a beautiful diversity and ensures that all my raising Yogis never feel lost or without support

I am always up for a yoga challenge, hike, bad joke or a vegan chocolate cupcake. I can't wait to meet you!


How do I become a member?

You need a subscription to access the classes and courses. Subscribing will only take a few minutes and is easy to do. You can choose between the monthly membership or the annual membership both give you access to all the content, while with the annual membership you can save about 20%. A 14-day free trial is included in both plans. You can cancel your membership whenever you like. 

How much is the subscription?

There are two plans you can choose from. The monthly membership is valued at $19.99 (+ VAT, depending on your country of residence). Try it for free for 2 weeks

If you are ready to commit to your practice and achieve your yoga goals more efficiently I would recommend the annual membership valued at $189.99 (+ VAT, depending on your country of residence). This is a saving of about 20% and you get the 2 weeks free trial included. 

Exact pricing will be calculated at check out and depends on your countries VAT and currency. 

You can cancel your membership anytime. 

Why is this not for free?

For you. Successful people invest in themselves. In the words of Warren Buffet (because he obviously has more buck in the bank and life experience than I do): "You’ll have a more rewarding life not only in terms of how much money you make, but how much fun you have out of life; you’ll make more friends the more interesting person you are. So go to it, invest in yourself." You can not pour from an empty cup, you have to put your mask on before helping others, you can better support your network when you show up as your best self. That's why investing in yourself in order to achieve a happier, healthier and more balanced lifestyle will eventually benefit all of the people around you as well. All well and good but how does pay for a Yoga membership help me achieve my goals? This is where human psychology comes into play. Studies have shown that the more people pay for something the more they value it. People who paid more for event tickets were more likely to attend. So that is why I ask for your investment. I ask for your money and time because I want you to stick to the practice, put in the work to actually get the results. I want you to show up, do the Yoga and be part of the community. Because self-determination is not enough to keep going when you are tired and things get hard. A motivating community, slowly forming new habits and a commitment to invest in yourself is what will make you grow.

For me. My motivation to teach stems from the believe that a regular Yoga practice can bring more health and joy to people's life. Personally it helped me so much with my own challenges and struggles that the thought of making someone curious about Yoga and reap the benefits of their practice lights me up inside. I started to teach for free because my plan was to sprinkle Yoga everywhere. As I advanced on my teaching journey and started to shift everything online new challenges raised. A lot of sweat, love and time is going into creating classes, figuring out new technologies, providing updated knowledge and ultimately creating the Yoga experience that will best serve you. I am committed and recently invested some money in order to improve my offering. In order to keep all of this sustainable I decided to switch to a paid membership model. For the price of one yoga class you get 4 videos plus a livestream each month as well as access to an archive of yoga that by now consists of more hours of Yoga than I think you could make the time for (I'd love to be proven wrong, if you accept the challenge) and additional bonuses like a supporting community and daily Yoga and Wellness related content. Or as I like to think of it, it all costs less than a banana a day! Mindblown. By now you are probably thinking why does she not charge more? Well, my take on it is that I don't do the work to get the money, I get the money to do the work. I want to make it sustainable to keep going for as long as I can. 

What are courses and classes?

A course is a set of classes designed with a specific goal or theme in mind. For example the headstand course provides you with full length yoga classes that are designed around postures that help strengthen, stretch and prepare your body to enter into headstand safely. In the same course you will also find shorter tutorial videos that will explain you step by step how to get into headstand, how to modify it and practical tips.  

Classes can be part of a course or stand separately. They are short or long flows that can be played and done and are similar to taking a class at a physical yoga studio. Depending on the level they may be more or less strenuous and fast or slower paced. Most classes are Vinyasa and Hatha based. You can also find some Yin and Restorative classes. 

I am a Yoga beginner. Can I do the classes and courses?

Yes, there are classes and courses for all levels and you can start with the Yoga Foundations Challenge (starting January 2021) to build your yoga foundation.

Keep in mind that Yoga should make you feel amazing! Never do anything that hurts. You will be working your body to gain strength and flexibility so it is normal for your muscles to ache and stretch but that mostly feels like a good sensation. If you feel aching pain, please back off. Maybe the pose or the class is not what your body needs, so stop and try a different class. Try to connect with the sensations in your body as much as you can in order to listen to what it needs.

I can't find what I am looking for what should I do?

Please feel free to contact me with class requests. I will be happy to create what you need or answer any question you might have. You can email me at


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