Hey there beautiful Yogi! I am so excited to welcome you to a full day of Yoga, Meditation, Chatting and overall Yumminess!

This event was hosted a while ago. If you want access to the meditation, yoga classes and recipes pleas send me an email to hola@yogaycupcakes.com and I will be happy to share it all with you. 

Virtual Yoga Retreat

Click the button below to connect to the Lemonade Platform where you can start playing the videos once they are streamed live. Take a look at the schedule outlined below to know what’s on at what time and to download the additional recources. Like the worksheet for the meditation, the recipies as well as to connect to the Spotify Playlists we prepared for the classes. You can also take videos, pictures and boomerangs and tag us on Instagram via @yogaycupcakes or @_solaceinyoga so we can stop by and send you virtual hugs. We are very excited to connect with you on the virtual mat and do yoga together! By the way, there is still time to invite your friends to the paty. Let them know now! This is the link to the Festival  https://bit.ly/3eV2YRW 

  • To set the intention for your morning meditation you can download this PDF and fill it out. Take some time on reflecting and setting your intention.
    An intention is a guiding principle for how you want to live, be, and show up in the world. Ask yourself, what matters most to you? Your answer could form a powerful intention, for which you can align your thoughts for your meditation—and the intention doesn’t need to stop when the meditation ends. It can then guide your actions as you move through your day.
  • 10.30

    10 Minute Morning Meditation. Find a comfortable quiet place where you can carry out the morning meditation. You can be seated on the floor, on your bed or a chair. You should feel comfortable and be able to keep your spine straight. Avoid resting your head on a wall as this will make you sleepy.

    Have your word and intention present.

    If you want to play the music in the background this is the Spotify Playlist to the meditation.

  • Small Break. We have about 15 – 20 minutes until the morning yoga practice starts. Hop into your Yoga clothes and roll out your mat to be ready. This will be a gentle flow but you can bring a bottle of water, a cup of tea or even your coffee to stay hydrated during the practice.

    The Spotify Playlist is ready for you.

  • 11.00

    Gentle Energising Morning Yoga Flow. This is a slow paced Hatha inspired Yoga Flow to stretch, engage and wake up the body. We focus on holding poses, on breathing and activating the muscles. Whenever you need to rest in child’s pose.

    Find the Spotify Playlist with suggested music here.

  • Breakfast Break! You did great, congratulations on completing the Morning Yoga Flow. Take a rest with your favourite hot beverage. If you fancy feeding your belly with some fluffy delicious vegan pancakes download the recipe and get cooking. Share your creations on instagram and tag @yogaycupcakes so I can stop by and give you some likes.

  • 15.00

    I hope you are feeling energised from the morning activities. We are in for a strong sweaty Vinyasa Power Flow. Prepare to work the legs and core, tone the body and get your heart rate up.

    The Spotify Playlist that goes with this flow can be found here.

  • 17.00

    Coffee Break and Chit Chat. We are taking another break between classes and take the time to connect online to have a chat. You can send us any question, topic or even a challenge (for example say: you want to see Elena do 10 push ups ;))

    If you want to sip on a delicious Smoothie while hanging out virtually with us. You can try this very berry Smoothie recipe

    We will hold the Q&A on Instagram Live. You can send your questions there or via the Lemonade Portal chat.

  • 18.30

    You are in for a threat with this Early Evening Yin Class. It is time to stretch, breath, relax and unwind. Elena will guide you to a one hour relaxing Yin class, relaxing your body and calming your mind.

    Find the Spotify Playlist to go along this flow here.

  • Dinner Break. Yumm. If you fancy some simple but delicious veggie filled vegan pasta, here is just the recipe for you. Take some time to get creative in the kitchen before we meet again for more Yoga.

  • 20.00

    And we are back on the mat again, for the last time today. Enjoying a beautiful Candle Lit Restorative Flow to put an end to a perfect Yoga filled Sunday. Do your body some good with feel good slow yoga and a long Savasana to prepare you to sleep like a baby.

    The relaxing music to play in the background for this flow is on this Spotify Playlist.

  • The END! Thank you so much for joining us for this Virtual Yoga Retreat. We had so much fun. I hope you feel energised and relaxed and are ready to take on the next week with full power. If you weren’t able to follow the full schedule don’t worry. It will stay available for replay during 72h. On the Lemonade Platform.

This event was hosted a while ago. If you want access to the meditation, yoga classes and recipes pleas send me an email to hola@yogaycupcakes.com and I will be happy to share it all with you.